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Developed Telegram marketing strategy for Eurasia restaurant chain

Development in Telegram

«Evrasia» — is one of the largest restaurant chains in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, which has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years

It is listed in the Russian Book of Records as the largest chain of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars in St. Petersburg.

years of experience in the business

restaurants in the chain.

Goals and Objectives

  • Get 10,000 or more subscribers;
  • Increase audience reach;
  • Create relevant and interesting content
Growth of indicators

of positive comments
ubscribers from foreign countries
+15 k
subscribers on the channel
Stages of work
Channel content analysis
We analyzed the content for all the time : the visual design of the posts, the content of the text, the presence of grammatical, punctuation and factual errors.

The Problems discovered:

  • The content of the posts was promotional in nature;
  • The descriptions of dishes were unimpressive;
  • There was virtually no informational and entertaining content. Out of 20 promotional posts, there was only one informational post

To determine subscribers' interests, we analyzed reactions and responses.

  • The most popular ones are giveaways (received 128 reactions)
  • Posts about the restaurant and its staff (restaurant history, for example) (received 81 reactions)
  • Posts announcements of events (received 60 reactions)
  • Posts about the menu and dishes of "Eurasia"( received 39 reactions)
Targeting audience analysis

Target audience has been studied according to comments and reactions.
Results: Male/female, 30-35 y.o, they have an above-average level of living, mostly with a family and children. Geographically, St. Petersburg residents and guests of the cultural capital (mostly of them Muscovites)

Competitor analysis
We studied the Telegram channels of our competitors and analyzed the reactions of their subscribers.

  • We discovered interesting features that we were able to implement in our channel.
  • We were able to determine the optimal balance between entertaining and promotional content.
  • We introduced new sections with informative content such as news, compilations, rankings, and recipes.
Creating a content plan

We drew up a trial content plan for the week, prescribed topics and headings for each day. We made a transcript of the content of all the publications.
Creating engaging content
Another feature was the interactive launch of voting, allowing the audience to choose the desired category for posts in the following week. We started incorporating polls more frequently and encouraged the audience to respond in the comments or to the posts.
We conducted mass polls and discussions in the comments on various topics, such as "What should we name the cat from the Eurasia sticker pack?" or "Tell us about your favorite interiors in our restaurants." Then we analyzed the responses and shared the results. As a result, we obtained unique content created from the answers of our subscribers. Moreover, this approach allowed us to gain a better understanding of our audience.

We introduced three categories to increase engagement:
Dishes — We shared the history of dishes from the "Eurasia" menu, along with interesting facts about their development and preparation. For instance, we had a series of posts at different times focusing on rolls called "Inspiration." In these posts, we discussed what inspired the chefs when creating the dishes and provided detailed descriptions of the flavor profiles.

Q&A — we responded to popular questions from our subscribers.

Behind the Scenes - we showcased the "backstage" of our restaurants, providing insights into the staff and their work, as well as giving an overview of "Eurasia" as a whole. For instance, we demonstrated how the chefs prepare the kitchen before starting their work. This type of content received a significantly higher number of reactions compared to other posts.

Introducing hashtags
For the convenience of our subscribers, we devised a system of hashtags based on different themes. This allowed for quicker access to specific posts and helped establish a more cohesive channel structure.

As a result, we came up with over 10 hashtags:

#Dishes #Menu #BehindTheScenes #Events #LifeHacks #QnA #Beverages #NewArrivals, and so on.

Support service
Goals and Objectives
  • Promotion of the Telegram channel through
  • Buying advertising on channels through the exchange
  • Targeted advertising through TG Ads
  • Working with retargeting and loyalty system
Growth of indicators
+432 k
views in 1 month
+4 462
subscribers in 1 month
+28 k
subscribers for the entire campaign
Stages of work
Advertising through an exchange
  • manual selection of channels/chats with relevant target audience;;
  • No restrictions on the advertising content (use of emoji, special characters, wording, restrictions on the number of characters or the amount of text in the images)
  • native format of integration: the advertising post is placed on behalf of the channel/chat, which causes trust in the subscribers of this resource

  1. We manually selected local channels created specifically for St. Petersburg residents in order to reach the audience in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region: city news channels, entertainment channels, posters of city events, and others. We also selected channels that publish information about restaurants in St. Petersburg.
  2. We analyzed and selected channels with a high rate of audience engagement (ER>20%). These are sites where subscribers actually view the posts and interact with them.
  3. We used different triggers to attract new subscribers: announcements of daily drawings on the channel. The prizes were chosen in such a way as to interest the target audience, not just to gain more subscribers who go "for freebies" and unsubscribe from the channel immediately after the announcement resultов.
Advertising through Telegram Ads
Manual selection of regional channels
Separating channels by topic for more accurate segmentation. We focused on ER - the audience engagement indicator - and selected only those channels where ER exceeded 20%
Creating creatives
  1. Advertisements in TelegramAds are limited to 160 characters and do not contain attachments. It is important to convey the benefits to users in a concise advertising text. Example of statistics for one of the ads run on local St. Petersburg blogs:
Retargeting and the loyalty system
Eurasia restaurant has its own loyalty system. Eurasia" Bonus Club, a member of which you can become after paying 300 rubles for a card, provides guests with privileges: special prices on all menus, special menu only for cardholders, cashback from each paid bill. More than 2 000 000 cards have been sold since the restaurant chain opened its doors. 80% of all guests have a loyalty card.
For cardholders and new guests we developed a special promotion under the advertising campaign in social networks. It stimulated to subscribe to the channel in Telegram and get 150 bonus rubles to your Eurasia card account.
  1. The gift of bonus rubles for subscribing to the channel became an effective incentive for current and new clients of Eurasia
Goals and objectives
Develop a chatbot that will cover the needs of restaurant guests:
  • Replace the guest's plastic card with a check in the chatbot - the card allows the guest to take advantage of the promotional menu;
  • Collect and spend bonuses in the Eurasia loyalty system;
  • Check the member status of the bonus system — bonus amount;
  • Browse nearby restaurants;
  • Study the menu
Growth of indicators
Creation of a functional chat-bot, aimed at the loyalty system
The bot solved the problem of replacing plastic cards with an electronic version of interaction with the loyalty system. Guests use the bot every day to take advantage of promotions at chain restaurants, accumulate or write off rewards
Creating animated stickers
A character and 11 animated stickers were created to increase audience engagement
11 883 customers used the chatbot
Отзыв о работе
Генеральный директор сети ресторанов «Евразия» Алексей Фурсов
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